Parlez-vous français?


We offer classes for adults, teens, and children at all levels. If you’ve studied French before, start by taking our free placement test. Registration opens 6 weeks before the beginning of the session.


Adult Classes

From foundation or intensive, to conversational to review—there’s a class or workshop for every level—beginner to advanced.

Youth Classes

Classes are available for youth and teens at all levels—ages 1 to 16. We also offer school programs and summer camps.

Placement Test

If you have studied French in the past (no matter how long ago it may have been) or lived in a French-speaking community, please complete a placement test prior to registration in an AFMSP class. The Alliance Française staff will contact you for a conversational interview, if necessary, and to notify you of your results. To take a placement test on paper, click here for the pdf file to print out.

Bonne chance!


Class Types

Foundation | Master the Fundamentals! Courses include grammar, vocabulary and conversational French with an emphasis on active student participation. Classes meet weekly for 3 hours over 10 weeks. Uses the Alter Ego+ method. Cost: $425 ($14/hr) + $80 materials.

Intensive | Courses meet several times a week to cover Foundation Class materials at a faster pace. Duration and prices vary.

Conversation | Practice makes perfect! Improve your speaking skills at intermediate and advanced levels with courses based on conversation, reading, and grammar review. Classes meet weekly for 2 hours. Cost: $315 for 10 weeks ($15.60/hr), or $185 for 5 weeks ($18.50/hr).

Review | Classes are ideal for brushing up after a break or consolidating points learned. Once a week for 2 hours. Cost: $185 for 5 weeks ($18.50/hr).

Workshops & Topics | Classes allow students to focus on specialized themes related to Francophone culture. Duration and prices vary.