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Un grand merci à nos

JULY 1, 2020- JUNE 30, 2021

Fontainebleau ($5,000-$10,000)

Tamrah Schaller-O'Neil and Steve O'Neil

Bryn and Schelly Vaaler

Chambord ($2,500-$4,999)

Lauren and Gregory Anthony

Ed Bacig and Karen Zentner Bacig

Pearce and Lisa McCarty

Scott and Ruth Stangeland

Château de Rambouillet ($1,000-$2,499)

Michelle Champlin Bergner,
with match from the IBM International Foundation

Bill and Susan Diekman

Mary and Rolf Gilbertson

Lucy C Mitchell and the Longview Foundation

Peter Mitchelson and Judith Henderson

Chichi Steiner and Tom Rassieur

I-Ming Shih

Vaux-le-Vicomte ($500-$999)

Katherine Conover

Maureen Cosgriff

Dorsey & Whitney LLP, 
In honor of Bryn Vaaler

Helen Leslie and Ron Goldser

Jan Gonder

Penny Hunt

Carole Hynes

Nancy and Merv Kiryluik

Corinne Lawrenz

Jeff and Susan Lundgren

Pam Pappas Stanoch

Cathy Roth and the Roth Family Fund

Lucy Selander

Marie Svang, In honor of Christina
Selander Bouzouina

Bryn Vaaler, In honor of Stella
Alba Helene Kazdan

3M Gives and Lamiaa Mouhine



Amboise ($250 - $499)

Gretchen Burke

Barbara and Collins Cavender

Colleen Curran

Kathleen Dahl

Marie-Jeanne Delevaux-Hargitt, En souvenir de deux pionnières de notre Alliance- Marie-Rose Adams et Hélène Peters

Annette Dickinson

Bill Diekmann

Steven Dondlinger

Teddy Gesell

Van Zandt Hawn

Margaret Hughes

Peggy Linrud

Michele Pierce

Monique and Eric Scheel

Byron Simmons

Bryn Vaaler, Dedicated to Agatha, Josh, Celine et Peter

Margaret V.B. Wurtele

Azay-le-Rideau ($100 - $249)

The Family of Marie-Rose Adams, In memory of Hélène Peters

Sylvia Adams, In memory of Marie-Rose Adams

Steven Adams

Mary Anderson

Cynthia and Woody Andrews

Philip and Erica Barnes

Martha Brogan, In memory of Hélène Peters

Bénédicte Denais

Dr. Rokea El-Azhary

Steven Erickson

Kathleen and Jon Fenske

Erin Fitzgerald

Vincent Francoual

Annick Fritz-Smead

Pierre and Camille George

Pierre Girard, In memory of grandparents Joseph Girard & Virginia LaMothe

Jan Gonder, Dedicated to Louise Marie Aubry

Carol Guncheon

Jean Hendricks

Wendy Hess, In memory of Hélène Peters

Nelly Trocmé Hewett, In memory of Hélène Peters

Simin and Chris Hickman

Chris Holden

Lisa Hondros

Edwin Hong

Nora Lee Hornicek, In memory of Hélène Peters

Jeremy Iggers

Kimberley Johnson

Ellen Just

Karen Karges

Ann Kearns

Lana and Morris Knopf

Alfred Harrison and Ingrid Lenz Harrison

Susan McIntyre

Steven Nelson

Rita Newton

Erik and Mary Prentnieks

Carol Randall

Jacquie Regis

Bonnie Russ

Anna Scallon and Billy Kalil

Christina Selander Bouzouina

Charles Shaw

Rebecca Shockley

Jane C Simon

Patricia Stankovich

Joni Sutton

Brian and Linda Tell, and the Tell Family Fund

Sophia Terzic

Jonathan and Cynthia Vessey

Peter Verstegen

James Wallace

Mary Jo Wheeler

James and Lynda Wolter








Petit Trianon (Up to $99)

Kate Aksadi

Charles Anderson

Eleni Andre

Tara Bailie

Mary Bandt

Feraidoon Bourbour

Nicole Braegelmann

Lornell Brand

Daniel and Maria Brewer

Sarah Brown

Sophie Buchmueller

Helen Burke

Caroline Burke

Prof Keith and Marian Champlin

Mary Curry

Max Fallek

Barbara Farley

Mary Feeney

Jessica Fiala

Diane and Brian Fiderlein

Jan Frisch

Kathy Halgren, In honor of Natalia Kaczmarczuk

Sara Glesne

Katherine A. Hanson

Kimberly Hart

Ed Hayward

Nicole and Franck Hinrichs-Bideau, Dedicated to Christina Selander Bouzouina

Beth Jackson

Natalia Karczmarczuk

Paola Kindred

La famille Knuteson

Juanita Kyle

Barbara Leibundguth

Joni Leithe

Dorothy Levy, In memory of Morris G Levy, Jr.

Alexandra Lewis

Allison Lindberg

Carolee Lindsey

Mary McCormick

Bridget McGinnis

Mary McQuillen

Berit Nelson Varin

Linda Nielsen

Kristen Kinnear Ohlmann

Victoria Petelin

Frederic Posine

Richard Primuth

Taylor Putz

James Richardson and Dorothy Horns

Lane Rosenthal

Alyssa Ruesch

Bonnie Russ

Rafaela Salido

Martine Sauret

Bri and Rob Schmidt

Beverly B. & A. Truman Schwartz
In memory of Dr. Mary Lou Wolsey

Caroline Sell

Ruth Staus

Lisa Steidl

Cristina Streckert

Irma Thies

Judith Tolbert, In memory of Hélène Peters

Carlos Tolmasky

AJ Ulwelling

Jane Untz

Michael Vitt

Cindy Wawrzyniak

Anna Wise

Bruce Young

Dominic Zahner

Dana Zetterlund






This list of donors includes donations made specifically to our Annual Fund. Donations during our gala and to our Capital Campaign are separate fundraising campaigns which are not included in this list. This donor list has been updated through Dec 16, 2020.