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The Neuroscience of Substance Use Disorder and the Gift of Hope

Thursday, November 4, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Join us for a discussion with Nancy Espuche, speaker, author,mother, and advocate on substance use disorder, and Mark Thomas, University of Minnesota’s Professor of neuroscience and director of the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction, as they discuss the effects of drugs of abuse following repeated exposure and Nancy Espuche's book Kardboard House, a memoir to give voice to the loving, tender, and often difficult exchanges between her son Lucas and herself during his years of opioid addiction. Click below to register you attendance to this presentation.

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Nancy Espuche

Nancy Espuche is a speaker, author, mother, and advocate on substance use disorder. She brings to light the voice of her beloved son Lucas, his strain, struggle and ultimate death--and the impact on those living with a loved one's substance use. In her recent memoir,  KardBoard House: My Life-Altering Journey Through Lucas' Addiction, Espuche offers the reader a personal view, through Lucas' and her letters to one another, about 1) the power of addiction, 2) the complexity of the human condition, and the reminder, despite all the love, that 3) no one can chart the course of another's life no matter how hard they try.

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a professor of neuroscience and director of the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction, a new research program funded by the state legislature to fuel cross-disciplinary collaborations and discover new treatment options. His research examines how addictive drugs alter the brain and how these changes can lead to compulsive drug use. His lab is now focusing on ways to disrupt addiction relapse.

**This event will be held in person at Alliance Française. The event will be limited to 200 people. Measures will be taken for your  safety. Masks are required inside the building. Safe social distancing practices will be followed in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.