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Private Classes

Customize your learning with our easy-to use private tutoring packages.

5-hour block for one student at the Alliance : $250
5-hour block for one student off-site : $400

5-hour block for two students at the Alliance : $295
5-hour block for two students off-site : $470

5-hour block for three students at the Alliance : $360
5-hour block for three students off-site : $555

A $5 registration fee is added for each tutoring purchase.
Zoom/Skype lessons are considered on-site.

Tutoring has many advantages: you set the schedule, develop a close relationship with your teacher, and can advance faster in your studies, saving you time and money.

In addition to in-person tutoring at the Alliance and off-site, we offer tutoring over Skype if you live far away or are not able to meet with one of our instructors in person. During the COVID-19 pandemic continue your lessons via Skype or Zoom!

Contact our Education Director Alix to reserve your private classes or call 612 332 0436 for more information.


Tuition for tutoring is not refundable. If a student is forced to cancel a class, they must speak with an AFMSP staff member at least 24 hours in advance or the lesson will be counted toward the total hours. All lessons must be completed within one year from registration date.