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Practice makes perfect with conversation classes! 2 hours per week
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5-week BegCo Thurs in person

Product Code: F21-ADU-BegCo 5week 2021

Age Group ADULTS
Type Conversation
Session 2021 - Fall 2021
Pace Régulier
Level CO beginners
Schedules 21 Oct 2021 to 18 Nov 2021
  • Thursday   1pm ▸ 3pm at AF Minneapolis/St Paul
Note: 5-week Beginner Conversation - Try a conversation class to practice the vocabulary and grammar structures you have learned so far. À vous de parler! Students must have completed at least Beginner 3 or placed higher on a placement test prior to registering for Beginner Conversation.
A valid membership is required in order to enroll in this course
$200.00 USD