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Your previous selection: Transition to Intermediate

Transition to Intermediate Review key points from our Beginner levels and get a sneak peek of what you'll learn in Intermediate 1! Practice and fine-tune before moving onto Intermediate levels.
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Transition to Intermediate

Product Code: SP21-ADU-TransitiontoIntermediate-Ma9:00-4749 2021

Age Group ADULTS
Type Foundation
Session 2021 - Spring 2021
Pace Régulier
Level Transition to Intermediate
Schedules 06 Apr 2021 to 08 Jun 2021
  • Tuesday   9am ▸ 10:30am at AF Minneapolis/St Paul (Karine Cantin)
08 Apr 2021 to 10 Jun 2021
  • Thursday   9am ▸ 10:30am at AF Minneapolis/St Paul
$450.00 USD
1 place left!